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Independent skateboard spirit Numbers X Nike SB Blazer Low AC 2017-04-06 11:53:55By the end of 2016, Eric Koston and Guy Mariano jointly created the Numbers, in order to inherit the independent spirit of the slippery hands. Recently, Numbers teamed up with Nike Numbers X Nike SB Blazer jointly launched Low AC shoes, the shoes are white wine two color red and cream, with the suede uppers skateboard shoes used in fabric, cancel the bandage of conventional design, instead of the three simple magic paste, more easily wear off. The shoes were sold recently, the price is 85 dollars, like friends may act as soon as possible. If the current what color is the most popular, the first is the classic black and white color, it is a slightly less rosy color, Ewing Athletics in the days before the two color based, the sway in its Ewing Concept shoes, retro appearance. Attractive color, it is difficult for it not to fire. It is reported that this series of shoes will be launched in May jordans on sale mens 15th designated shops in the brand, like friends can pay attention to the next. When appeared on adiPure Crazyquick, Adidas should be the enthusiastic call of Chinese basketball fans, and launched the limited edition "Quick history" series basketball shoes this season. We invite you to feel the fast · of Adidas basketball shoes and speed evolution history. Adidas "Quick history" series of basketball shoes include Top Ten 2000, Crazy 8, Rose 3.5, and the latest Crazy Quick. They represent the milestone of Adidas basketball shoes at different times. The four pairs of shoes series from "Tianzu" to the development of Adidas generation: Nike basketball shoes top series now. "Quick" series of basketball shoes history told the people, regardless of when the speed is Adidas basketball shoes and boots the first goal, smooth and natural design, is the adidas basketball shoes in flowing blood inheritance. Top Ten 2000 official price: 980 yuan 1996, Adidas first came int Retro jordans for sale o the League of the golden generation prepared under a generous gift called "Feet You Wear" Tianzu concept was born. The father of Top Ten 2000 as the Tianzu shoes bear the brunt, a very sensational boom. Over the past few years, the concept of movement of Adidas and Top which continue, Ten 2000 became a series of roles in the creation of the world. Crazy 8 official price: 980 yuan 1997-98 season in the playoffs, Adidas will again promote Tianzu concept, introduced the Crazy 8 (then called: KB8 I). Crazy 8 with patent leather uppers and smooth lines, leaving a lingering imprint for the classic period of time. Rose 3.5 official price: 1480 yuan Derek · Ross's signature shoes, from the first generation of PureMotion, up to now the Yifeibonaqi series inspired by the Rose 3.5, causing the speed evolution of basketball equipment, presents the concept of the supremacy of Adidas basketball equipment speed. Crazy Quick official price: 1280 yuan , through the paving jordans on sale online of the first three pairs of shoes, people can understand the development of Adidas basketball shoes technology to a certain extent. Now, adiPure Crazy Quick stands at the top of the speed evolution of the adidas basketball shoes, which brings this summer with the features of flexibility, speed and comfort 〉, following NIKE's plans to launch an intelligent high shoe similar to the science fiction film "return to the future II", researchers in Germany have also begun to focus on the development of automatic lace ups. According to the British mirror news on January 15th, German researchers have developed an automatic lace up shoes. Put on the shoes, set foot on the sensor is arranged inside the shoe sole, small motor will have an effect, tight shoe laces. shoes, two heels touch two times, hit the heel "Dorothea" sensor, tongue will release the spring to loosen the shoelace, make your shoes off. Intelligent MEG compared with NIKE's upcoming high shoes also need chargi jordan 3 katrina 2018 ng function, German researchers designed the automatic shoe lace is more "tall", the shoes walk can produce energy, without charge. The shoe is equipped with an energy harvesting system that transforms the energy of the user's movement into electricity. HSG-IMIT, a German Research Institute, has developed two types of energy harvesters. One of them is called "rocking collector", which is specially made for this shoe. It is placed in the bottom of the shoe laces automatically, when the wearer's foot by movement and swing, will make the movement between the magnet coil inside the sensor, resulting in the current "swing sensor" will be collected for the use of energy reserves these shoes. , another "vibration collector", is larger in size and weight than the former. It is developed for some specific needs and will be used in indoor navigation systems for military personnel and firefighters. , however, the two collectors do not achieve ideal results in terms of energy harvestin Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale g, so researchers at the Institute plan to improve their work efficiency. (global shoe network Arlene editor) yesterday, Van Doren founder Skool Old extension of a pair of shoes on the stars and stripes make many people amazed, did not think today also issued a series of this pair of Slip-On shoes. Also, around common: Star & Stripes theme, Slip-On seems to have more different elements and flavor. Old Skool shoes most call a person strange is the asymmetrical design, this pair of Slip-On is in the toe part will red flag stripes into a chessboard, the side is still blue white star, followed by red and white stripes. All the canvas are slightly old, inside to add comfort insole leather, written on the Van Doren logo. price: $55 item: VN-0ZMRFP1 WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogThe diva Rihanna and PUMA jointly launched Fenty Creeper is the brand in 2016 for each sale of all pne jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black umatic, quickly sold out, at the same time with a big bottom boom platform. In this season, PUMA brings a civilian version of the Basket Platform, making shoes with leather, with signature brown thick rubber bottom. The shoes are now on sale, priced at 100 euros, like friends can start.We have launched a number of high-quality Air Jordan shoes Hender Scheme again before release of new works, the designer also chose Air Jordan 4 as a blueprint, to create a full color black, like selection to create a whole to high-quality leather shoes as earlier, luxurious atmosphere respected to the extreme. But as early as the same, it is still not the price we ordinary players can accept, or look at it.Miami dolphins color Nike LeBron X in accordance with the physical details of the official exposure. The shoe body with light green as the main colors, swoosh, Zoom, Air and the end of shoelaces with orange cream, lined with deep green, the position of the shoe body inside logo exclusive patte cheap air jordans rns show that the color of the theme, will obscure dolphins in the logo Sun Halo retained and change into the sea sunset jewel. No sale information. 2012-11-10 08:09 upload and download attachments (91.43 KB) 2012-11-10 08:09 upload download attachment (96.65, KB) 2012-11-10 08:09 upload download attachment (71.76, KB) 2012-11-10 08:09 upload download attachment (109.74, KB) 2012-11-10 08:09 upload download attachment (82.26, KB) 2012-11-10 08:10 upload download attachment (109.99, KB) recently, Philadelphia's famous shoe store VILLA and Reebok jointly launched a Reebok Pump Question Mid, to celebrate their 25th anniversary anniversary. Coincides with the Reebok Pump 25th anniversary anniversary, together, mix AI famous signature shoes Question Mid, to create a full taste of Philadelphia "A Day in Philly". ; Sport Blue color has clearly become engraved themes this year, in the Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue and Air Jordan 6 Sport Blue Air Jordan 14 air jordan 11 space jam for sale Sport after exposure, Blue also announced that this year will be officially engraved. Shades of grey and blue collocation movement makes the overall effect and simple without losing highlights, interested friends may wish to note the following information available. item: 487471-004 release date: August 2nd 1-140326092148.jpg (49.68 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-26 10:24 AJ14 Air Jordan upload, Sport 14, Blue 00 : recently, international public opinion has been a fierce attack on the US House of Representatives by a "buy American" clause and denounced it as "a foolish economic policy"". The provision, together with the Obama administration's latest economic stimulus package, requires the use of us made steel products in new economic projects funded by the US government. The $819 billion stimulus package in January 28th the new American economy contains the terms by the U.S. House of Representatives passed, what is more, the program will be discussed in the buy cheap jordans online U.S. Senate to be "made in America" expansion of the scope of application to the economic stimulus plan, the project required a variety of finished products. ", "" : it is reported that the "buy American" clause was the first to cause a protest storm in Europe and Canada; each of these two regions exported large quantities of steel to the United States every year. Harper, Canada's prime minister, made the initial public complaint about the provision, saying it was "deeply concerned" about the matter". European Union trade representative Ashton also said that if Congress passed the ban on the revitalization of foreign products economic bill, the EU will never sit idly by". It was described by a Western diplomat in the United States as "the strongest language" issued by Brussels in the past 20 years". It is understood that the European Union's ambassador to Washington on behalf of Britain, France and Canada and Mexico's diplomat has launched a lobbying campaign to abol cheap foamposites ish the provisions aimed at persuading the United States Senate debate on proposed Obama's economic stimulus plan, "or a global trade war is inevitable". international public opinion including American public opinion against the Obama government proposed "buy American" clause was so fierce, is largely a catastrophe for the Hoover administration in the United States 80 years ago made the mistakes brought to the world fresh, and invariably the selfish short-sighted trade protectionism in early 30s, the terms and conditions of the United States during the great depression the U.S. government launched the "smoot - Hawley Tariff Act. June 1930, 1929 is the U.S. stock market crash, the Hoover administration of the United States in order to protect domestic industry against a large number of imports, adopted the "smoot - Hawley Tariff Act, on more than 2 kinds of imported goods tariffs, immediately caused the other countries to the United States caused dissatisfaction, also produced goods revenge. The beggar my neighbour policy making global trade almost stopped, the U.S. economy has decreased by 2/3, half of the people lost their jobs. some American Democratic politicians unable to part on trade protectionism, since Obama was elected)recently appeared on the network of a group of suspected new generation of Nike sock dart physical map. Shoes website Sneakers Addict this shoe is called Sock Dart 2, indeed from the overall design seems to have a lot of Sock Dart shadow. , but it's not. The name of this shoe doesn't have anything to do with Nike sock dart. It's Nike's brand new parity shoe - Arrowz Jn73, which sells for only 45 pounds. This pair of Arrowz Jn73 by Sock Dart is similar to the outline, in addition to the same line, will take the form of fixed foot plastic with the new system and One divides into two. tongue and shoelaces, shoe body made of breathable mesh to create, save in the heel raised the details, to the synthesis of simple decoration cover. It is learnt that the new Nike Arrowz Jn73 will be officially released on April 17th. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! as an excellent hot summer collocation of the election, Roshe Run has been Nike in the main type of shoes in summer in recent years, the NIKEiD platform for Roshe Run added two new print options, and further enrich the customization needs of users. This new two printing are "Splatter" and "Wind Blur", the user can add their own according to the preferences at the toe, upper and heel, make your summer shoes more interesting. these two options have officially landed on the NIKEiD platform, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. (plum shoes editor)Adidas Originals Consortium Rod Laver joint project that we have already reported to you before today, second bombs came today. The whole project is special for the nine world top shop joint joint cooperation, before the exposure of the design works from New York DQM, Barcelona LimitedEditions, Losangeles Undefeated and Tokyo VA shop. This time from Edison Chan's independent tide brand CLOT, Canada Goodfoot, from Berlin Solebox Honk Kong heavyweight shop, 's D-Mop and Copenhagen WOOD WOOD respectively Adidas Originals collaboration design classic Rod Laver shoes. Each design has its own style, features, words, not much to say, the figure naturally illustrates everything,. Under Armour was held in New York in the autumn and winter of 2013 the new preview will, on exposure to a number of activities in the autumn and winter on the running and training shoes, including Under Armour Rebel, Under Armour Vice, Under Armour Pulse, Under Armour Toxic 6 a variety of new products, no detailed shoes, but the a preview of the new price range from $90USD to $100USD.