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0.jpg (126.58 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-5 upload at 22:01 sign the best athletes, let them wear the best equipment, although not official attitude, but has been Nike long operating practices. Just yesterday, NBA service has fourth Nike exclusive personal signature shoes player was born yesterday, he is Kyrie Irving Nike in New York, but also for the high-profile star held his signature shoes Kyrie 1 release. In addition to the 1.jpg (104.52 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-5 upload at 22:01 2.jpg (135.14 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-5 upload at 22:01 3.jpg (141.24 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-5 upload at 22:01 4.jpg (112.66 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-5 upload at 22:01 5.jpg (104.16 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-〉20100511232551.jpg (92.83 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 09:17 upload The 20100511231237_0_.JPG (94.99 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 09:17 upload 20100511231237_1_.JPG (72.43 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 09:17 upload 20100511231237_2_.JPG (48.36 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 09:17 upload 20100511231237_3_.JPG (50.69 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 09:17 upload 20100511231237_4_.JPG (78.54 KB, download.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] World Cup when Brazil entered the white-hot stage, competing for the same off-site sports equipment industry waged. After the Adidas-sponsored Germany and Argentina national team made the finals of both the right, the media have flashed "Adidas 2: Nike 1" and "score card." But in fact, although the monopoly Finals Adidas World Cup in Brazil will enable the highest exposure of sports equipment brand, but not enough to fundamentally alter the overall competitive landscape of today's global sports equipment industry - in a long time with Nike PK, Adidas say winning situation is not easy. finals, an unprecedented branding When Maxi Rodriguez will Rujiasipo Xilai Sen penalty shootout goal guarded by the Dutch team, two national teams sponsored by Adidas -?? Germany and Argentina reach the final. This means that no matter what July 13 Maracana stadium happen, Adidas will become the Brazilian World Cup winner. "to sponsor two final teams, no doubt useful for enhancing the huge brand appeal," (CEO) John Global Chief Executive Officer of American advertising investment institutions? Christic representation. "Winning the World Cup, fans can arouse national team sports equipment champions where huge buying enthusiasm." Adidas football marketing director Tom? Lumsden also confident Adidas World Cup in Brazil can create "unprecedented brand effect", and this brand will be converted to sports equipment sales soared on "believes Adidas Brazil World Cup will be the most visible brand. " Adidas confidence is not groundless, because it is not for the Brazil World Cup Finals simple monopoly, but to achieve the maximum effect is almost brand in Germany and Argentina joined forces in successful teams. On the one hand, as a German company, Adidas, the German national team for the two levels of teams and players all-round package, the tournament has scored five goals in the forward Thomas? Muller and goalkeeper Man ? cheap jordans Manuel Neuer are Adidas arm of the star players;? On the other hand, the Argentine captain, in world football, "the first man" Lionel Messi is the core image of the Adidas World Cup sponsorship, if Argentina win the World Cup, Messi will become the undisputed best player in world football this year. This means that no matter which team wins in the finals, Adidas will greatly benefit from the brand level. "They might want Germany and Argentina is difficult to decide who will win, and finally tied for the championship," Christic joked. rival Nike suffered "appearance trough" soccer field "victory" to help Adidas Frankfurt stock market on the 10th in the overall context of declining European stock markets will be limited to 0.4% decline; in the ocean, Nike shares fell on the New York Stock Exchange has reached 1.4 %, is against the background of a football field, "some people are happy others are sad," the classic ending. In fact, in addition to the sponsorship team missed the World Cup finals in Brazil determined outside as Adidas, Nike is still the largest industry competitors on the 10th released another bad news - the company announced the upcoming opening of the 2014 to 2015 season, no longer serve as the English Premier League club Manchester United shirt sponsor, both 12-year sponsorship relationship came to an end. "cooperate with any clubs or Nike Football Association must be a win-win, the club made a new contract offer can not be expected to make Nike shareholders high returns," Nike's statement almost complain, in fact, still not satisfied with Manchester United Over the past season on a sports performance significantly decline. The same landslide also Nike football sponsorship, "the first card" Cristiano? Ronaldo. In recent years, although Ronaldo shoulder against Adidas and Nike, Macy's "vanguard", but because of the effectiveness of the Real Madrid club is sponsored by Adidas, Ronaldo is the national team's performance in Portugal Nike has been looking forward to and count on. However, this tournament, Ronaldo played with the injury difficult to effectively play levels, leading Portuguese group stage quickly out, almost declared the Nike World Cup "campaign" of defeat. In contrast, the Adidas World Cup in Brazil "bad news" seems to be only one, that is its sponsorship of the top players of Uruguay Luis? Suarez in the team's game against Italy mouth bite and lead the national team suspended 9 games and punished within four months allowed to participate in football-related public activities, which makes the Adidas World Cup campaign, "wandering round like a pizza bite on a mouthful." PK, football is far from the only battlefield However, compete with established contractors in the performance of the World Cup sponsor, does not mean that Adidas made a winning situation to compete with Nike, and even if it is temporary. While Adidas CEO Herbert? Heiner claimed that "Adidas is the world's undisputed number one football equipment provider," but could not confirm the performance compare with him. data show that from the 1950s began to enter adidas football equipment industry in the first half of 2014 to achieve a soccer equipment sales revenue exceeded 2 billion euros (US $ 2.7 billion) of the "milestone"; but in 1994 only involved football field, seemingly in the Brazilian World Cup defeat Nike, but in the same period to achieve a soccer equipment sales jumped 18 percent year on year success, its absolute sales revenue reached $ 2.3 billion. More importantly, football is just one battlefield Adidas and Nike competition. For this, early in the 2005 acquisition of Reebok, Nike officially opened the round competition front, Adidas apparently had been aware of. But nine years later, Nike is still "the world's largest sports equipment providers," Adidas advantage in the football field but instead increasingly blurred. In this context, the Adidas World Cup in Brazil battle of the victory, but will make it with Nike's full competition becomes more intense. Adidas has clearly aware of this, and therefore during the Brazil World Cup "sneak in" with the new Division NBA draft pick Andrew? Wiggins signed. But for now, if you want to rely on Adidas, Nike star good strategy to catch up, in addition to a long road before, you may also need some luck, just like the World Cup in Brazil. "Adidas will enjoy the World Cup finals," Christic said. "This is not only because it has a monopoly of the final track;. But also because it is likely to be the face of Nike, the only certainty in their winning situation for some time" (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre. Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and footwear IT) & nbsp;marks the legendary American rapper 2Pac's death 19 anniversary, Kendrick Lamar as his fans, in 2Pac & nbsp; by letter of Jinian Guan online tribute idol. is called 2Pac successors in brief letter, in addition to the first time I saw the statement 2Pac indescribable feeling, but also for future generations thanks 2Pac music brings wealth and motivation, most real grievances of the people's minds and we wish to express in a song. According to Kendrick Lamar TDE label message belongs, Kendrick Lamar will leave a memory of the first idol song soon, so stay tuned.following the black month note Adidas Rose 5 D after exposure of real, with the theme of a series of Crazy 8 also exposed the real photos. Dark golden canvas material making shoes, the mix of black and dark brown decoration, shoe body and black on the details of the design is perhaps in tribute to the sky hook Jiabaer "great players, no specific city sale information. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: US11adidas Originals ZX Flux "Weave" series in recent tours 2014-05-06 22:51:34 adidas Originals has officially launched to overturn the traditional design concept of the new ZX Flux series, ZX Flux is to the brand's design is modeled on the classic model ZX8000 adapted from, from futuristic, unusual appearance began to show contemporary design philosophy In brief, the characteristics of wild, more influx of people add a wardrobe essential, minimalist boutique. This time is for you to offer this new ZX Flux "Weave" series, the series ZX Flux are made using Weave weaving techniques, making it more suitable for wearing in the hot summer months. The new ZX Flux series will be held May 4 at the major domestic adidas Originals designated shops for sale, distinguished friend, please pay close attention to the influx of people. Nike Kobe 8 System Anaconda Snake limited edition 2013-12-08 22:49:30 Kobe Bryant's new personal boots Nike Kobe 8 System after the recently released, has aroused much attention, overwhelmed Snake Nike released the latest version of the Nike Kobe 8 System. This version of Python named python shoes compared with other special version of Snake, the festive feeling stripped, replaced by a surge of wild taste. The new Nike shoe body engineering mesh material imitation serpentine color decorated with red embellishment details at. It is reported that this Nike Kobe 8 System Anaconda Snake limited version will be January 12 took the lead in the world premiere of the Greater China region, North America, the sale is scheduled for February 2, Bryant's fans do not miss out. diamond charm 2014-02-24 21:06:00 Beijing time on February 11, 2014, Nike SB Diamond Dunk Hi in Beijing Xidan Joy City on sale, after learning of the news, we arrived early on the 5th floor of the Xidan Joy City store Nike SB, since adopted in advance by drawing lots, the February 11 shoes fans came to the scene in the ballot are in everyone's face, I can see more or less excited, indeed, for today's shoe market, No sign of things more pleasing than a pair of shoes in, although some "old customers" mixed up, but this does not affect the success of the sale, most of my friends have bought this pair of Nike SB Diamond Dunk Hi, this It is what we most want to see. "This pair of shoes, how much money I do not sell!" This is what we hear in the sale of the site was the most "to force" the word. In today's shoe market, much of the negative news is filled with every pair of limited edition sneakers on sale, with a variety of all kinds of insider fare increase cargo sweeping so that each pair of shoes the hearts of all the friends you want to cast a shadow, but in Our friends in the interview, there are some positive energy, indeed, the original price of 999 yuan a pair of shoes, hands can be sold more than 3,000 yuan, which is indeed very cost-effective in the eyes of "businessman", but some hearts of fans of shoes, this pair Nike SB Diamond Dunk Hi is not just a commodity, but their hearts dream can come true is the most meaningful thing in this Offering, just three days of the registration period, there will be more than 1,500 people to register, and just over 70 pairs of arrivals is clearly not enough, destined to be a lot of people can not sell their favorite shoes, but please stick to your shoe fans their dreams, because you never lonely, love for sneakers, is your most valuable. line lottery is on sale, is yes, but this is not the Air Jordan, but Dunk SB! I believe that now the shoe fans, queuing shoes has long been commonplace, without exception, offering a variety of limited edition shoes, store hundreds of buyers have swarmed, but this time the protagonist is not our familiar with the Air Jordan, but once the king Dunk SB, coupled with earlier return of Nike Dunk Low Pro SB & quot; Shanghai & quot;, Dunk SB wave seems to have to come, we can say that in 2014 the market will present shoes a flourishing state, fortunately, we are all witnesses. Sneaker Con Atlanta station hooked foot shoe collection 2014-09-23 15:31:07 & nbsp; North America's largest trade show gathering shoes Sneaker Con came to Atlanta this month, brought a gluttonous feast of local shoe lost friends. In addition to the rally as well as foreign trade show custom shoes players live production, the scene brought together hundreds of local Sneaker enthusiasts, and their shoes at the foot naturally dazzled. Great extent can be described as dizzying, now let us look back at the day the scene on foot shoe fans through the picture gallery. & nbsp;1997 playoffs in Michael Jordan sick play with the 38 points, seven rebounds and five assists, and in the 44th minute cast into the lock on the victory of the third ball, helped the bulls to win over the jazz. At the end of the game Jordan fell in the arms of Pippin, this scene touched all the fans around the world. black and red color of air jordan 12 & quot; flu Game" hence the name, become air jordan series of 12 of the most famous color. At that time, after the end of the game, Jordan signed on the shoes, gave a jazz caddy. And this pair was then by Jordan Michael I Pro Jordan Air 12 Flu; Game" GU version in 13 years to $104765 U.S. dollars at the end of the auction price of ". This Saturday, Chicago SNEAKER CON exhibition will display this pair of fetish, local sneaker may wish to watch. CON CHICAGO SNEAKERSaturday, December 12, to 7:00pm201512:00amPlace WestMcCormickSouth Indiana Ave2301IL, 60616Chicagosource: sneakernews by the United States sub loan crisis, China's foreign trade growth slowed down significantly, but Wenzhou shoes are on the market, while exports to the United States are growing rapidly. 1-3 months this year, the city's footwear exports to the United States 1654, 8 million 913 thousand and 700 pairs, 40 million 873 thousand and 900 U. S. dollars, compared to the same batch, quantity, amount increased by 63.6%, 31.25% and 31.95%, respectively. The main reasons: one is due to the impact of the subprime crisis and the appreciation of the RMB, the purchasing power of American consumers decreased, footwear products demand for higher grade was significantly decreased (which is an important reason for the production of high-grade shoes this year in Dongguan and in the United States as the main export market of business failures, but as the daily consumption of shoes) product demand is greater, which makes Wenzhou shoes in the production of low-grade synthetic leather shoes based on the increase of export opportunities. According to statistics, a quarter of leather shoes exports to the United States, batch, quantity and amount of our non year-on-year growth of 83.46%, 40.31% and 39.84%, but the leather shoes and last year basically no growth, and exports to the United States, the number of batches of non leather shoes, footwear exports to the United States accounted for the amount of products 71.77%, 84.99% and 63.19%. Two is the "labor contract law" after the implementation of the Dongguan based Pearl River Delta region's footwear enterprises closed down nearly 1000, the closure of enterprises began to transfer orders to Wenzhou shoe prices. Three, due to the overall economic impact of the environment, some footwear enterprises in Wenzhou for the survival of enterprises need to begin to accept some previously unwilling to accept some of the lower price, profit margins in the United States few customer orders. Four, out of concern about the appreciation of the renminbi, some enterprises will lead the delivery of orders before delivery. (Editor: admin)It was not easily won Championship Cavaliers win not only because of the beautiful James (LeBron James) never give up the spirit of hard work, Erwin (Kyrie Irving) constant play also contributed. In order to express congratulations to Cleveland first championship trophy, Nike, prior to the two has launched a series of new champion shoes suit to Cleveland in the finals to win the four game design inspiration, respectively to four kinds of design, for fans of Cleveland is undoubtedly significant. The third Game 6 Unbroken package also has released an official picture. 1.jpg (146.19 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Four Wins Pack Game 6 Unbroken 2016-10-25 09:31 upload nike-lebron-kyrie-four-wins-game-6-champ-pack-1.jpg (407.46 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Four Wins Pack Game 6 Unbroken 2016-10-25 10:40 Nike Four Wins Pack upload, Game 6, Unbroken, Cleveland, championship suit, Nike this topic by Tony in 2016-10-25 09:32 in the 00 generation